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What I’m currently working on

I’m currently attending CNM (Central New Mexico Community College). I’m pursuing an Associate of Science Degree in GIT (Geographic Information Technology) also known as GIS (Geographic Information Systems). GIS is kind of hard to explain but it falls under the field of Data Visualization. Wikipedia goes into great detail here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographic_information_system.


CV / Work experience

The majority of my past work experience was centered around light, high-volume manufacturing starting with working at Mars Inc. at their Waco, TX facility where I interned during college. Following that, I spent 15 years with Intel at their high-volume facilities in New Mexico: Fab 7, Fab 9 and Fab 11X as well as a short stint in R&D at facilities in Oregon (D1-C).

My first 9 years at Intel, I operated, worked on and improved equipment and processes for CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) running Tungsten Silicide and blanket Tungsten, PVD/Sputter (Physical Vapor Deposition) running Aluminum silicide and Vapor Oxide Etchers running various processes on 150mm silicon.

I followed that up with 6 years covering multiple processes on 300mm copper electroplaters with line geometries below 60nm.



Please see “What I’m currently working on” above.

Computer Science:
I initially studied Computer Science but upon coming to the conclusion that COBOL was nothing short of punishment my interest in computers temporarily receded to occasional hobby status.

Laser Electro-Optics
I shifted gears to Laser Electro-Optics where I studied vacuum systems, digital electronics and optics as well as pulsed and cw laser systems ranging in power from “supermarket scanner” to “able to set your house on fire from space.”


Licenses, Certifications and fun

I’m a D licensed skydiver with 300+ jumps
I’m a certified private pilot: VFR, single engine land.

I have lived and worked in Texas, New Mexico and Oregon and my travels have taken me to Mexico and Costa Rica.